January 4, 2009
Cut Copy

Cut Copy


Portrait of producer for FC

In the Australian music scene Cut Copy has gone from pioneers to elder statesman with just three EPs and two LPs, spanning a miniscule seven years. The vessel for this stellar feat has been their innovative brand of rock and dance or as it’s often labelled electro-crossover. When Cut Copy broke on JJJ back in 2001 with their debut single Rendezvous they stuck out like a sore thumb. At the time no one else in this country was taking the sensibilities of dance and its technology and applying it to more traditional song structures – not dancey enough for the rave heads and too faggy for the rock-dogs, Cut Copy had a hard road ahead of them turning a scene that was still salivating over Limp Bizkit. Yet through sheer musicality and directions in groove Cut Copy became a festival staple and had crowds from the Big Day Out to Meredith shimmying like they were extras off the set of Xanadu – sans the roller-skates.

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